Friday, February 15, 2008

Paper towel technique

This is the 2nd technique in the Mixed Media club collage workshop.
Take a paper towel, wet it, crumple it,
UN-crumple it. Now put a bit of paint on it with paint brush, use one color or many colors, but do not cover all the white space. Now crumple it in a ball and press and squish so paint goes into all the blank spaces. Unfold it, add more paint if needed..... crumple again. Use for art!
OK so this was in the workshop, but I have done this for years but never painted the paper towels, rather I use them to slop up paint, glitter and glue as I'm working on pieces. Walla painted paper towels to use in again all your projects. My way may take longer but I have a huge collection of these I use to make things and add as backgrounds and more!

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Yogi said...

As I was reading your description of how to make it, I was thinking to myself, I get as good if not better results from random slopping up or wiping a brush on paper towels next to me ( I use a lot of iridescent type paints and inks). and then I read your second paragraph and we both think alike. I keep telling my art friends not to throw those paper towels away.