Saturday, February 9, 2008

Textile art

Tote I created using all kids of techniques. I like creating bags like this to take out shopping so I don't have to carry those ugly plastic bags.
I plan on making a ton of these but not quite as elaborate and time consuming.


Gail P said...

Don't know if I'll make totes from scratch, but you've inspired me to embellish a few of the canvas ones that have become stained. I'm more impressed each day with your work and green with envy that you're so darn prolific!!

chrissy said...

Your textile work/bag is drop dead gorgeous!!! You must get a lot of people looking at you as you pass by with works of art like this one.

Elizabeth said...

Love the bags, darlene!! Yes, I would love to have you share this technique with us!!!
I am adding your blog to my blog roll! You are going to love blogging!!!

purplepaint said...

Darlene - I love this! Love your beautiful colors! I have some canvas ones that have been sitting around for years that I've wanted to embellish, thank you for the inspiration! Marva