Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cracked Up Glass House

This stained glass house was quite a challenge. I have worked with a lot of stained glass but this piece was going to see if it could make my muse (Bhanu) stretch just a bit more :>)
Sandwiched between the glass in the walls, roof, pictures, windows and floors are art papers I have created.
It's a cracked up house because the last thing I did to the house I heard this horrible sound and I looked all over the house and I found that one of the walls cracked inside. It was all in tact so I had the crack work for the piece:>)
Front view with the "BE Still" painting for the back wall.
Back wall close-up.
Right side wall with a window with a bird going by.
Left side wall with a window and a tree outside.


Beth Norman said...

Awesome house. Your soldering is fantastic. Saw your post at In This House group.

Karen Owen said...

Darlene, I love your houses! All of them. the one you made from text and music is a fabulous idea, and your "cracked" stained glass house is stunning. Thanks for sharing!

Dianne Adams said...

Love your work, love your blog, love the music.

akatrix said...

Darlene, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I am honored that an artist of your caliber would bother to comment (and positively!)on my first collage. Your blog is so incredibly intriguing...I spent 2 hours and want to spend more. I'm adding you to my blog's "places to visit"....WOW!

Carol said...

Hi Darlene, Thanks for visiting my blog and giving me the opportunity to visit yours. Your stained glass house is really beautiful and I found many interesting techniques as I read through your blog. Enjoyed the music too.

Peggy Louise said...

The Akatrix member said it best and mirrored my thoughts! I too thank you for visiting my first Blog.
And I love the idea of sandwiching glass with paper art!!
Peggy Louise

Anonymous said...

I decided to pop over and check out your blog after you left such a nice comment on mine. Thank you.

Wow! This is really nice! Now I'm busy enjoying your creations. :)


mary schweitzer said...

This is wonderful! Makes me want to move a fairy into it! Really beautiful work.
Thanks for visitng my blog.

Linda Woods said...

Thanks for visiting our blog and sharing your wishes with us!

two said...

Fabulous stuff - I arrived from a comment you left on my blog and what a treat it was to find all of your delightful creations!


Kristin Hubick said...

Hi Darlene! I've been to your blog before! I remember these GORGEOUS houses that you posted to the "in this house group" maybe? Small world! Someone else just tagged me yesterday, so I'll play :).