Thursday, March 13, 2008

Crackle Glass technique

The technique posted to link The 1st photo is the background I started with a technique I learned in a workshop but for some reason I had no use for this particular one. So I thought I'd collage a bit on it then do the cracked glass technique. 2nd photo I used an black ink pad, though I was not thrilled with it. 3rd photo added reinker ink to it and now love it.
I have done this technique many times in the past but it was great to revisit it, thanks Trish.


Carol said...

love how this piece turned out. I've enjoyed looking at all your creations.

Val Foster said...

Darlene, I love these. They excite me, because they have ENERGY! And the colors are bright and bold. Very inspiring. One word for it would be WOW!

However, I don't know how to find the link to this technic. I need some help with that, cuz I'd love to try it.

And yes, I like your black background, because yes, it does make your art pop. My blog has a black background too. There seems to be no substitute for the visual impact. When I photograph my art (digital camera), I always try to use a black background.

I put your blog on my blogroll. I think I can learn a lot from you and your art.

Elizabeth said...

This cracked glass piece is just fabulous! Love the watercolors too!
I think that some folks have trouble reading the white text on black as it gets fuzzy around the edges. (for some)
The art work looks so terrific on it though!!

Anonymous said...


Cory said...

Thank you for the very nice comments to my blog. I love your techniques and your collages are wonderful.
As to the black background, I love it, I have it on one blogspot and changed to a pale ochre on the second blogspot.
Will return to your blog again.

Cory in Arizona

Rosie said...

Hello Darlene... love this piece, love all the houses, but the tall skinny is my favourite!! I think collaging and cracking is very intriguing and shall have to give that a go!!
Good luck with the Capolan wagons... I shall pop over for updates!