Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Acrylic paint transfer

You might have seen Claudine's Utube demo of transfers with Dabbers if not it's on my blog for right now it out!
Anywho I only had 1 dabber and it is light green and I wanted more a feeling of a Faux tin type....well I got all carried way and added some crackle. So much for the faux tin type:>)
This was the result, I used a copy I really didn't care about, not knowing what the results would be.


Linda said... your blog. Can you take your background music off for awhile...I can't hear Claudine talk. ha

Deanna said...

Hi Darlene,
Thanks for volunteering for the tag! Now you've got to write five things about yourself and tag five more bloggers.

Love your blog! Lots of eye candy, and things I'd like to try.

Thanks again,

Val Foster said...

Wow, I love the look of this. It's beautiful. What kind of crackle medium did you use? It looks so textured, and you know I'm crazy for texture. Great job.

Sarah aka Flo said...

oh that transfer works a treat on there!

I really must get me to the copy shop and make some photocopies, and have a PLAY

found your blog via In This House group. Really nice blog, have nookmarked, thanks for sharing your work