Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just dropping in for a quick note

Quite of few artists and myself were in a show at Mercedes Benz last Sat. It was called The Platform Party VA: Jumping In With Both Feet. They are trying to promote the art and artists locally.

It was awesome with all kinds of artists featured, from belly dancers to young dancers to singers, bands, culinary artists and a fashion show. All the artists set up around the perimeter of the show room and then in other areas also. It was both fun and exhausting night since some of us had a 5 hour workshop during the day.

At the show I was approached to do a TV interview with my assemblage art pieces for the show "Art Around Town" I believe that's what it is. It's going to happen toward the end of the year, so I'm just going to be working on my art. I'm very excited but it is a way off still.


Kim said...

How wonderful an opportunity for you! You go girl!

mary schweitzer said...

There's a lot of great worl here. I especially like 'Invisible'.

~*~Patty said...

Big things are coming your way, I can just feel it! Keep doing what you're doing!!!