Friday, May 30, 2008

AB Class "This book belongs to...

This is a class I'm teaching at the FCCA gallery in VA. The class is an Altered Book Round Robin class. When starting out everyone taking the class wanted me to also participate. At first I wasn't crazy about this idea since I knew I'd be doing a ton of work for the classes themselves. But now that I have been working on the book to be traded, I have to say I'm having an awesome time. I have some brilliant artists taking the class and the work produced I think will be over the top!
So what they have been instructed to do in the 1st class, this book belongs to page, instructions page, sign in pages and glue and area for a niche that will be taught at the end. The class will run once a month for 8 months. 2nd class I taught 5 to 6 different ways to do transfer, collage and glazes. Each class they will be given 2 to 3 techniques, in turn we will create 2 spreads.
This page is my this belongs to page layers and layers of paint, different types of lettering, metal words along the 3 edges of the book, stamped image, utte circle cut in half and glued in 2 areas and grunge board. Fun page to do!


Sarah aka Flo said...

this all looks great!

I love the richness of the paint colours you have used, and all the clever little details and touches

I'm particularly interested in this as I have just started my first altered book also - like yours, it's for a round robin.

I've only got as far as the cover so far - and I was really pleased with it until I saw yours :D Now I think mine looks a little "flat".

Ah well, never mind, I may well pinch some of your ideas for the inner pages :)

thank you for the inspiration

(love the deco page with the giant nurses too!)

Val Foster said...

Wow, Darlene. Just Wow!!! I LOVE this. You got so much amazing and interesting texture here. On this piece and the on the instructions piece. Even though I read your explanation, I still can't figure out how you got SO much neat texture.

And so much detail and interest going on. These pages have real character. The way you collage is fantastic, and I'm jealous. Your muse must be "in the zone", and these pieces show it.

Gee, I wish I could be in your class, but it would be too long of a commute,LOL. Keep posting your work on this RR book, I'll be following it closely. Thanks for sharing. You Rock!!!

Anonymous said...

My gosh Darlene, these pages are fabulous. I love all of the texture and colors. There is a mystery about them. Love it! This class sounds like fun, wish I could join!

akatrix said...

I am altering a big dictionary for my grandson's college graduation gift. My muse has been discreetly hiding but after seeing your oh so fabulous book, it may just be coming forth to spur me on. I was at a loss as how to continue after a few pages that seemed more "scrapbook-y" than I I feel more confident in layering and texturizing. Thank you for such inspiration....!!! Your book has personality plus!

Raine K said...

Wow! That is such a fabulous concept for a class! Looks awesome!

Judy said...

Your book looks amazing - love the depth of colours and layers.