Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our Anniversary June 2008

We celebrated our Anniversary yesterday, but the really shocking part is that my hubby sent me flowers............ but not just flowers a dozen red ROESES for the very first time ever!!!!! We have been married longer than time. I was so thrilled I could hardly stand myself:>) I told him the world is his and I asked him what he wanted .....he said make it cooler LOL!
The card you see above is the card I created for him.....yes he did love it :>) It is layers of paint and texture. The letters are grunge board letters with paint and a bit of ultra thick embossing powder.


Val Foster said...

Hey girlfriend, Happy Anniversary. So just how long have you been married??? Kudos to you, and I hope you did something fun and exciting on your anniversary. And how cool and sweet that your DH sent you roses!

The card you made for him is ultra-cool too. I love to hear when a couple has been married for many years, and is still happy and going strong. That's the way it should be, IMHO. So, congratulations to the two of you.

christygrant said...

How sweet! I hope that you had a wonderful anniversary. They still can keep us guessing, can't they?

Marilyn said...

Very nice - isn't it wonderful when our men think to do something special like this? Great card.