Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Worksop 5

:>) I had a couple of visitors come to ck out my work!
This is a workshop I'm taking on The Artist Circle Beryl talor technique. First I took Tyvek, cover it with watered down glue/ added pieces of security envelopes and a bit of text/ added more glue/ added tissue gold tissue paper with a pattern/ more glue/ added white tissue paper. Waited till it was completely dry and put on a red glaze.
I'm going to either keep it as a background for art or cut it up and use in other art pieces. I have not yet decided. Ck back soon for it's next chapter.


Dawn said...

Great art here, your visitors look like my 2 recent visitors (hoops and yoyo) have a look :-)

Christy said...

Your tyvek paper turned out fabulous. I love it!!