Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Altered book Class next technique!

Next background: they are working on in class. Everyone works in practice books, that way they can get comfy with the technique. Then when they go to work in some one else's book they feel confident about the technique and can just glide into to creating mode.

Theses students are artists in their own right and it is a joy teaching each and every one of them.


queenopearls said...

Wow! I love the step-by-step shots of instruction and the photos of the class. The RR books are absolutely beautiful and amazing. Thank you so much for posting them!
Hugs, Christina

Elizabeth said...

Darlene!! Love your assembalge above !! I think that the practice book idea is fabulous!! When done they will have their own technique book to refer to!! Smart girl, youare, youare!!

Hummie said...

I saw you post in the PSE Yahoo Group, so came to visit.

Wow, this is really interesting. You sure have a flair for artisticness that I do not have.