Thursday, July 10, 2008

LaLaLa Collage

My newest collage I finished recently. Fun fun fun!!!!!!! It has layers of paint, molding paste, tin foil, tissue paper and much more. I did not want to stop working on this piece! Generally I don't work in these colors, unless it's for someone else. But I may just have to change my ways :>)


Val Foster said...

Hi Darlene. My oh my, you've certainly been prolific with your art lately. No wonder you haven't been posting on your blog -- you've been producing beautiful art!

I love it all. Especially this piece and the assemblages. I've just been studying all your recent work in the enlarged photos, to take in all the color, fantastic texture, and technics. Wow! You've been on such a roll here. I'm truly impressed, and even a little envious. Can my muse come visit your muse?

Thanks so much for posting these. It was well worth the wait!!!

Stark Raving Newbie said...

I LOVE these colors, Darlene! THey are "playing my song!" Please tell me about the tin foil -- was it already that color or did you ink it? If so, what ink/color?


Brenda Harkness
Stark Raving Newbie

art and beautiful junk said...

I'm excited just hearing about it. You are off and running!

Diane said...

This is really gorgeous!!