Saturday, August 23, 2008

Some sad news

As you know I'm teaching an altered book round robin class. There is an artist that was taking the class that has past away. Her and her husband were coming back from a road trip and were killed instantly by a drunk driver.

She is the woman in the yellow apron on photos below.

This woman was an angel on earth, she ALWAYS had a smile on her face, always looking for humor in everything and lived life to the fullest and celebrated celebrated life. I felt honoured to be in her life as a friend and with her taking the class, I will try to smile more, lighten up and even though I try to live life to the fullest I will try even harder.

There are people in this world that not only touch us personally but touch people globally that is who this couple was.

They will be missed but the gifts they left everyone are so great we can't help but to follow their lead.


sf said...

Om my lord, that is sad news indeed. Please extend my deepest sympathy to
(not only yourself) but to her family and friends.

Anonymous said...

Very kind of you to post a tribute to their memory. Blessings to you and the family they left behind. Gina

Genie said...

What sad news
They always say only the good good go young

Judy Keefe said...

That is a very sad story. I didn't see her picture but I'm sorry for everyone's loss.

On a happier note..the Journal 4 a friend is beautiful! I've done a lot of pieces but never a journal. I'm working on one with Sarah from Caspiana and it's exciting. Yours is inspiring me to do my own.

Lorie M. said...

I'm so sorry to hear the news. Any time these tragedies happen, it's devistating. Too many people go around here, teens included in these accidents.
Your work is inspiring, and I'm definitely going to send you an email I'm in F'burg too..!

queenopearls said...

A lovely tribute my friend!

Anonymous said...

This is the second blogger artist that we have lost this week. My heart is so comforted by your video and the "artistic alchemy" that it speaks of. You are so kind to do this.