Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Zany Obama pin in honor of our new President!

I have a Mixed Media Club here in VA....anywho last Sat. one of the members did a class rather than a mini workshop, we had a blast!!!

I believe she called the pin's we were making Zany pins. We learned many techniques but when I came back to my studio I didn't want to go through all the steps to make the pin. So I used paste paper that I created eons ago, cut pieces out with the Cuttlebug, embossed them with the same tool , did a bit more work on the pieces, then glued all the pieces together. Poked holes at the bottom and hung some bling, then finished off with a pin back. Click on the photo to get a larger and close up view.

This pin I know looks large but it is a coat pin. So many emotions ran thru my veins, heart, soul and mind about all the goings on yesterday in DC. I just had to make something commemorating the emotions, celebrations and the pride I felt.

So what do you think?

I will be selling these pins but appropriate for clothing rather than a coat pin. I will sell these in my Etsy shop. They are not up yet so no link yet, but I will post when they are ready sell and buy.


Val Foster said...

Your pin is really great Darlene. I like it, and especially how you improvised on it. It has great texture and I like the bling. It's nice to see some new posts on your blog.

top5cats said...

I love it, so cute. I haven't gotten the Cuttlebug yet, but I am heading in that direction. Great job on your pin. Do you plan on keeping or selling it.

Terry said...

Wow I just love the Zany Obama pin! It looks so good. I want one too.

Terry said...

I love your Obama pin!

Gail P said...

It's a winner!!! I got very emotional too and spent the day praying that everything would go well for everyone attending the events in D.C. Amazing day!

Dawn said...

Fantastic pin to commemorate a fantastic moment in time, any one would wear this with pride... brilliant!!!