Monday, March 2, 2009

Disintegration Project

It has been snowing since yesterday so you can imagine my amazement when I went to ck on my disintegration bundle.

What bundle? Well it's under there some where!!!

I know I said I wanted snow for my bundle, but this is not what I was thinking! What was I thinking:>)!!! I haven't seen this much snow in years and especilly not while living here in VA.

I noticed many people in this
project hung their bundles in trees. I have mine on the ground in a rusted engine piece, so it's now totally covered:>)


top5cats said...

This sounds like a cool project. I remember doing things like that as a kid, but I guess I was never patient enough to leave it there for a long time. Your snow looks beautiful, I have about 7 inches or more here too. I out some shots up if you get a chance to look. Can't remember how long since we had this much snow.

Gail P said...

It will be interesting to see what the snow does. My bundles are bone dry blowing in the wind.

Seth said...

Talk about mother nature collaborating! Has the snow melted yet????