Sunday, June 6, 2010

9 questions Lani put out to members of 14 secrets group

The original instructions were to use art or pics to answer questions. The Problem: I can't upload photos ever since Blogger updated to a new photo uploader. Sorry no photos!!!

Who are you?
I am a full time artist...I say that but after moving here among the trees last Oct. there are many projects that we have done both inside and out, not leaving as much time for my art.
 What do you love about where you live?
The trees!!!!!
What might your perfect afternoon look like?
Sitting out at the pool among the trees creating art of course, with some great music playing in the background.
 If you had an hour alone in your studio/creative space, what would you do?
I would concentrate on the book I want to write BUT to many other things seem to get in the way of just sitting down and working on it!
Right now, what are some of your favorite things?
Same as above the trees, there are just so many we are hugged by them! I tell people the trees were here long before us, they own us or let us share in their glory.
What foods nourish your soul?
Creative salads and sweet and salty bars yum!!!
 When you simply need to take a breath and reground yourself, what do you do?
Take 3 or 4 deep breaths in and out then sit for meditation, nothing gets me to where I need to be better than meditation!
How do you nurture your creative dreams?
By CREATING the more momentum is made to create more! Also teaching is a great way to nourish my creative dreams there are some many ways to do one thing or interpret instructions. I learn by the students and that blooms into more and better art.
Does your heart have a secret wish you want to share?
H E L L O's called a secret for a reason :>)


queenopearls said...

Beautiful answers, especially that last one! lol What a hoot and so true.
Reminds me of the old saying "If someone asks if you can keep a secret, you can be sure THEY CANNOT!"
Rock on woman!

Rita A. said...

I found you through the Blog Hop. Such interesting and wonderful projects you have below.
The violin is amazing. Thank you and I'll be back.

Coleen said...

Lani, just go back to the old blogger and you can do the photos. That's what I did. I mean, how can one do an art blog without photo, right? We are visual, afterall. Try that.
Coleen, in Ukraine