Friday, January 30, 2015

RISE a watercolor technique


Supplies: Watercolor paper or a watercolor journal. A lot of water is used in this project 
So it's best to go with some sort of watercoloer paper.

Watercolor paint, I'm not sure what the brand name is on theses since they aren't an American
Product. Use your favorite watercolors. This could be H2O's, Pearl X paint, inktense, watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons. You get the idea. If you want it sparkel  go with H2O's or Pearl X paint.

Paint when opened.

Water brush or your choice of brushes and water.

Large brush, this can cover a large area fast when trying to cover paper quickly. If you don't have a big brush, no worries.

Inktense pencils or blocks or watercolor pencils. Intense after it has diried is permanent, some people 
perfer them and other people do not, your choice.
Also Portfolio's or oil pastels ( no photos). 

Background rubber stamps

Permanent ink, your choice of inks and colors.

No 2 pencil, charcole pencil, blending stump and kneaded eraser. 

Brush water onto the entire surface of yor substrate, start dabbing watercolor pant on in colors you'd like, tilt the paper to let the paint run and blend. I used my water brush to dab on the paint. Dry it completely with hair dryer or heat gun. ( ops sorry heat gun was not on the supply list!).
If you want more intense color repeat.

Next draw a face with No. 2 pencil and charcole pencil. Use eraser if you penciled in lines for measurements.
 If you don't feel comfortable drawing, a stencile or pic from a magazine coud be used for the head. 
If your drawing the head I used intense pencils and and a water brush to add color and intensity.
Work in the watercolor pencils till your happy, again make sure it's dry. No need for shading since the background will take care of that, like magic!


Now time to draw in some crazy hair shape once again with inktense pencils and waterbrush.

I drew in circles, draw in any kind of open shapes you'd like. I did this initaly with a regular pencil, then
Went over it with an intense pencil and waterbrush.

Shading around the circles so they POP a bit more, I used Inktense pencils and a waterbrush.

Outlined the hair with intense again to make it stand out more and waterbrush.

Take background stamps and permanent ink pad and stamp with just portions of the stamp inside the shapes. I used 2 differentt colors for this.

I added Wasi tape around 3 sides this is totally optional. Instead use ink pads or paint to frame around you're masterpiece!

Take one of the background stamps and for added interest stamp in between the shapes with the permanent ink pad.

I wanted the circles to pop more so I  outlined them with black Portfolio to shade, mostly on the left side and used the water brush to blend. 
Then blue Portfolio to create a shadow on the left side of the hair and the word Rise. The word was not standing out enough so I just took a ball point pen in black and did a bit of shadowing.

I hope you create your masterpiece or that I have given you some ideas and insparation!!!

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